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About Fran Murray


Frances Murray - Director and Consultant
English-Additional-Language/Dialect (EAL/D) Teaching and Learning

"When Australia embraces multilingualism and multiculturalism it will grow into the global nature of the 21st century"

Fran is an expert in the field of EAL/D education, especially in relation to Indigenous learners from pre-literate cultures. She is passionate about the benefits of bilingual teaching for these students.  She has also led developments in the teaching of EAL/D students in mainstream contexts through her work with ESL teachers and her study in the field. Fran holds a Master of Education degree (Charles Darwin University) with a focus on curriculum development for Indigenous students in home language and in English programs, and a Bachelor of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), (La Trobe University), in addition to her qualifications as a Primary Teacher (Armidale College of Advanced Education).

Frances undertook a course (Corpus and Status Language Planning) with Professor Joshua Fishman at New York University in 2006.

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Frances' extensive career in education has focussed on EAL/D teaching and learning, bilingual education and teacher training in these fields. In the area of curriculum writing and development, she has made a significant impact in the Northern Territory in all areas of her work from Early Childhood teacher, to Teacher-Linguist in a bilingual school, Curriculum Writer, Teacher Education lecturer, Program Designer and Manager of EAL/D learning at System and Territory levels.
She has engaged in on-going Education Consultancy work with schools in the NT and Queensland.  She has made a significant contribution to literacy development in both first language and in the field of English-additional-language/dialect learning (EAL/D) for Indigenous and other EAL/D learners across the NT.


Frances was the recipient of a National Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Achievement of Literacy or Numeracy in 2005. Her publications include articles on aspects of EAL/D teaching and learning, curriculum frameworks for Indigenous languages’ teaching, and methodologies for ESL teaching.  She has been a key-note speaker on teaching English and the benefits of bilingual teaching at teacher conferences in Queensland, and presented at the Language, Education and Diversity conference in New Zealand in 2008.

Frances was a member of the Advisory Panel for the development of the Australian English Curriculum. She is also on the Executive of the Association for Teaching Speakers of Other Languages (ATESOL), NT and a councillor for the NT on the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA). In these roles, Frances has been actively involved in the recent development of the (AITSL) elaboration of the Australian Teacher Standards for English-Additional-Language Teachers.

One of Frances' programs Walking Talking Texts an ESL methodology for Indigenous students, designed, developed and implemented by Frances has extended across the Top End of Australia. Many schools in North Queensland and the Kimberley region of Western Australia, as well as 'southern' States have used the methodology in classes in mainstream schools. It has also recently 'travelled' to the Philippines.

A feature of Fran's work in Indigenous education has been her work with Indigenous staff in schools and at system level as professional coach, mentor and trainer. Her focus being with the professional development of Indigenous Assistant Teachers as they moved into qualified roles as class teachers and continued on to leadership positions in their schools.

Through her passion and her far sightedness combined with a pragmatic approach to working with and supporting all learners, Fran has inspired many children and teachers to succeed in diverse teaching environments.  
Frances has established Walk-the-Talk Teaching as a private consultancy business to support and work with teachers in the NT as well as those in other jurisdictions.