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Print Environments and Comprehensible Input

The following comment by Stephen Krashen, from the University of Southern California, who has extensively studied how students learn a second language, was made in 1999. It remains, and perhaps is even more relevant today.

"We must vastly improve the print environment in our bilingual programs. Reading for meaning, especially voluntary reading, is the major source of literacy competence. Yet one study of libraries in schools with bilingual programs found there was, on average, only one book in Spanish for each Spanish-speaking child.
Summer 1999"

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Bilingual Teaching

Jim Cummins, from the University of Toronto, who has written extensively on bilingual education.
"One of the problems is that in some bilingual programs, there hasn't been a strong enough pedagogical vision. Bilingual education has been seen as a panacea, that all we need to do to resolve problems of underachievement is provide some first language instruction and everything else will take care of itself"

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