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Active Teaching and Active Learning are the pillars of Walk-the-Talk Teaching, think of them as the pillars of the UNESCO bridge (page 8), "Minority Language Students Bridging to Success in Education"

Active language teaching occurs in interactive, purposeful and comprehensible contexts created by the teacher for learning language as well as curriculum content. It occurs when the teacher plans the language to teach and the level of language to scaffold for the student as she/he engages in interactive learning through an iterative process.

Active language learning is achieved when students are provided with many interactive opportunities to practise the new language in contexts that are

  • communicative
  • comprehensible
  • purposeful i.e. where the student knows and agrees with the learning goal, and has been taught the target language in context by the teacher. 

When teachers understand and can explain what and how they are teaching, and EAL/D students understand what and how they are learning, improved outcomes follow.

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