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Frequently Asked Questions

Walking Talking Texts is most effective when it is used as a whole school program.
The reasons for this are:
  • students receive a consistent teaching/learning program from year to year. In this way, students become familiar with all the strategies/activities in the program so that they can then concentrate on the new English language structures to be learned. Students learn how-to-learn in western schooling ways.
  • teachers and students all know what students have done before; when the school has organized the scope and sequence of texts to be used (which books/texts will be used in which Year levels), there is less repetition of topics, of using texts that are too low a level (or too high) and (new) teachers are not left wondering what text to use and what level to target for particular groups of students.
  • all teachers are using the same pedagogy, therefore Learning Together Sessions can be targetted at (multiple) teachers' needs
  • tracking of students' achievement through the assessment data and evidence collected in portfolios from year to year is enabled.


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